About Us

The Association is International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation

The Association connects with the first political, business, social and different heads of society to shape worldwide, local and industry plans.

It is set up as a not-revenue driven establishment and is settled in Vienna, Austria and represents autonomous, unprejudiced and not attached to any unique interests. The Association endeavors entrepreneurial developments and connections to exhibit business ventures in the worldwide public interest while maintaining the best expectations of governmental framework. It’s core values are set under the highest moral, ethical and organizational standards.

Our work is formed by a novel institutional culture established on the partner hypothesis, which states that an association is responsible to all elements of society. We cautiously mix and balance the best of numerous sorts of associations, from both people in general and private areas, worldwide associations and scholarly establishments.

We accept that progress occurs by uniting individuals from varying backgrounds who have the drive and the impact to roll out certain improvement.

Our priority areas of interest are primary focused on as follows:

The Association is unique because we are:


We have no philosophical or business interests. This doesn't imply that we are unbiased – we are focused on further developing the world in manners that are level headed, quantifiable and maintainable.


We point out difficulties that influence the eventual fate of worldwide society. Since the world is an interconnected environment, we accept that no issue is disengaged – there are consistently impacts and interdependencies, which we efficiently and thoroughly think about.


We effectively welcome points of view from every single invested individual. We accept that the world's difficulties must be settled through commitment with all individuals from worldwide society.


We center around the long haul, not the crises of the day. Achievement is estimated not just as far as quick outcomes - we comprehend that genuine advancement requires some investment and supported responsibility.