Why does our work matter?

Our world is an interconnected system that functions under the basis of its own complexity.

We see numerous factors combining to make the global environment more unpredictable and difficult to navigate.

In global governance, we see the post-war balance between nation states and the institutional framework that worked to manage it disintegrating. In its place, we see the emergence of new geo-economic competition, new regionalism and new actors.

Meanwhile, technological change is disrupting our economies and changing the nature of our globalized world in ways that are both unpredictable and complex. We will witness more technological change over the next decade than we have seen in the past 50 years.

Progresses in every one of technical studies – from advanced mechanics and hereditary qualities to correspondences and the sociologies – will leave no part of worldwide society immaculate.

All over the planet, a youthful age is requesting to be heard. Youngsters progressively see choices being made to the detriment of their future. Every one of these variables and numerous others require another sort of foundation – one with the flexibility, the entrepreneurialism and the trust, all things considered, – that can unite individuals who have the ability to make change, to accomplish shared arrangement and compassion, to come to normal understanding and, where fitting, push activity forward.

As a worldwide association with no business interest, the Association gives a stage to pioneers from all partner bunches from around the world – business, government and common society – to meet up.

Deeply anchored in the public and private sectors, the Association is global organization serving this role, bringing together the world’s foremost CEOs, heads of state, ministers and policy-makers, experts and academics, international organizations, youth, technology innovators and representatives of civil society in an impartial space with the aim of driving positive change.

Profoundly interconnected in people in general and private areas, the Association is worldwide association serving this job, uniting the world's premier CEOs, heads of state, ministers and policy-makers, specialists and scholastics, global associations, youth, innovation trend-setters and agents of common society in an unprejudiced space determined to drive positive change.

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How do we do our work?

Way of working

The Association doesn't coordinate meetings. We put faith in more liquid, longer-term collaboration. That is the reason we hold gatherings – to give every member however much setting and opportunity for commitment as could reasonably be expected over the long haul. We additionally plan to guarantee the effect of our endeavors, with each gathering conveying clear results and activity focuses.

The Association holds two major annual meetings:

  1. The Association Annual Meeting, held in Vienna, Austria, shapes worldwide, provincial and industry plans toward the start of the schedule year.
  2. The Industry Strategy Meeting unites Industry Strategy Officers to shape industry plans and investigate how ventures can move from overseeing change to spearheading change.

Method of working

To help our job in laying out connections with change makers, the Association has constructed a-list research abilities, delivering state of the art information on a portion of the world's most critical issues, including:

On projects

The Association brings together decision-makers from across society to work on projects and initiatives that make a real difference.

Through collaboration between stakeholders with varied perspectives, our projects deliver concrete and sustainable results and make a positive impact at all levels of society.

Our portfolio of some 10 projects is aligned around the world’s most pressing global challenges, regional issues in the local context, and industry transformations. They are designed to make meaningful and sustainable change.

The Association unites leaders from across society to shape ventures and inspire a genuine effect.

Through cooperation between partners with differed viewpoints, our undertakings convey concrete and manageable outcomes and have a beneficial outcome at all degrees of society.

Our arrangement of somewhere in the range of 10 set developments is adjusted all over the planet's most squeezing worldwide difficulties, territorial issues in the nearby setting, and industry changes. They are intended to make significant and practical change.

Virtual connections

Our meetings and projects bring together top leaders from all around the world in an atmosphere of trust. But they cannot always be in the same place at the same time. That is why leaders have the opportunity to collaborate on Platform that we use Slack and Cisco Webex.

Building on the Association’s communities, events, research and projects, our Platform transforms the collective intelligence of our communities into dynamic, contextualized knowledge.

Our gatherings and tasks unite top pioneers from one side of the planet to the other in a climate of trust. In any case, they can't forever be in a similar spot simultaneously. For that reason change makers have the chance to work together on Platform that we utilize Slack and Cisco Webex.

Expanding on the Association's people group, occasions, research and projects, our Platform changes the aggregate insight of our networks into dynamic, contextualized information.

The global overall influence proceeds to create, logical and innovative leap forwards that guarantees to change economies and social orders, the one of a kind stage given by the Forum helps pioneers from all strolls to life to get ready for dramatically troublesome change.

Today, we center around key vital difficulties.

We accept that potential for positive worldwide change exists at the convergence of these three difficulties, and that progress will come through uniting pioneers from varying backgrounds to manufacture normal arrangement, reason and, where suitable, activity.